Gerbil Housing: Covers Cages, Bedding options, Toys & Accessories

gerbil housing

Like all other pets, gerbils too need a safe and comfortable place they can call their home...

Fortunately, there are a lot of good and suitable housing choices for gerbils. 

But, unfortunately, there are a lot of unsuitable choices out there too.

And sadly a lot of reputed pet shops have sold in past and continue to sell these unsuitable housing options to unsuspecting pet owners...

So, the question is: do you know what's the right and what's wrong when it comes to housing for your gerbils? Or are you that lovely, well-intentioned but unsuspecting pet parent?

Also, have you ever wondered about the right bedding options, the right accessories and the right toys?

Let's see if I can help with some of these dilemmas...

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How and where to buy and get the best pet gerbils

get perfect gerbils


You have finally decided to get a pair of gerbils as pets (and if you are still not sure about it, check if gerbils are the right pets for you and your kids).

You now have the gerbilarium as well as other necessary supplies (i.e. food, bedding, water bottle and toys). And you have already identified a nice place in your home to place their tank.

Now comes the best and the most fun part…

... i.e. going out and getting a pair (or two) of these adorable pets.

In this post, I will cover all you need to know to ensure that you get the best gerbils...

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Gerbils vs Hamsters: 20 Key Differences that you should know about

Gerbils vs Hamsters

You want a furry pocket pet. Either a gerbil or may be a hamster...

But you are confused...

...and not really sure which one to get...

After all both these pets seem so similar and from what you can see are almost equally popular

You have done a fair bit of research already and now you really have to decisively know which amongst these two will be a better pet for you and for your kids?

Let see if I can help...

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Introducing Gerbils: How to split cage properly

Gerbil Introductions : Complete Split Cage Guide

Gerbils are social animals. They like having friends and need another gerbil (or two) as their tank mates to feel safe and feel loved.

But when it comes to making new friends, this mammal displays a rather ironic behavior...

Even if it is all alone and desperately needs a friend or two, a gerbil won't accept a stranger gerbil just like that. It is fiercely territorial and will fight any new gerbil placed in its tank that it doesn't identify as being from the same clan.

This behavior comes from a natural reaction that compels a gerbil to defend its territory from 'intruders'.

However, as a responsible pet owner, there will be times when you need to put these 'intruders' together...

This typically happens:

  • If you got your gerbils from different litters and they were not already living together
  • If one of your gerbil dies and you need to get a new companion for your lonely gerbil
  • If for some reason, your gerbils have been separated from each other for more than a day
  • If your gerbils have declanned. Declanning is rare and is more typical of larger groups (three or more). But there can be extremely rare scenarios when it can happen to established pairs as well.

In all these scenarios, you will need to play the matchmaker and get your gerbils to accept each other. 

But you can’t simply place both the gerbils in the same tank and call it a day... that's a recipe for disaster (or at least a recipe for injured pets)

Rather there is a method to the madness...

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Are gerbils the right pets for you and your kids?

Are gerbils right pets for you?

Gerbils are cute little furballs.

They are active, curious and are surprisingly intelligent (look at maze runner experiment). They bond with their owners and will recognize and interact with them.

They are widely considered to be great starter pets and having them can be a great experience both for you and for your kids.

But are you left wondering if that's indeed true? Are gerbils really the right pet for you, your kids and your unique situation?

After all there are so many abandoned pet stories you have heard and you want none of that.

Let me help you with this decision...

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Gerbils as pets: history, habitat, lifespan & legality

Gerbils 101

Gerbils are furry little creatures with great personalities. They are affectionate, social, cute, athletic and bold.

They bounce around and like to play every single minute they are awake. They are happy pets. And they are popular, like really really popular.

So much so that when it comes to their influence on our culture, the only other Mongolian who rivals them is their fellow country man - Genghis Khan.

But make no mistake, Gerbils are gentler, though as hardy as probably the Great Khan was

Gerbils are super inquisitive with loads of energy to boot. They are mischievous, hoppity, easy to take care of and in general really entertaining pets. They are very friendly with humans and almost never bite once properly trained.

They have practically no odour as is the case with hamsters or mice and are much easier to maintain. They are little fur balls who make people happy and don’t ask for much maintenance in return.

The story of how Gerbils won over humans and became one of the most dominant pets is almost out of this world.

Wanna know? Awesome, get set and here we go.

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